Friday, December 18, 2020


It's time I added something to the 1993 Playlist, and well past time I mentioned the Smashing Pumpkins on this blog. Their enormously successful album Siamese Dream was released in 1993 and immediately became the soundtrack of my junior high school experience. 

I had this poster on my wall on and off for 25 years. It finally bit the dust this summer.

I can make the case for just about any track off this album - and I might tap this well again sometime in the near future. For today I'm going with "Mayonaise" which was declared the defining Smashing Pumpkins song by The Ringer's rock writer Rob Harvilla. 

If you're wondering why Billy Corgan would call a song "Mayonaise" I present to you his song-naming process. This is from one of the 'behind the scenes' videos produced at the time (Vieuphoria I think?) and I'm going from memory here, but it's something like this:

Say you have a song about a chandelier

and the chandelier gives off light

and the light is the color red

and red reminds you of the color you're not supposed to wear in front of a bull

so you name the song "Cow"

And here's a reaction video I found while searching YouTube for this track. Do you watch any reaction videos? 

This will probably be my last post of 2020 here at The 1993 but I've got big plans for this blog in the new year. Til then, I hope you have a safe and happy holiday season. Thanks for reading!



  1. Yes! Siamese Dream! The soundtrack to, well, my early days in the work force. This album (or CD, which I had) was so new to me. Loved it.

    I do watch music reaction videos, quite a bit. But the reactor can't be an idiot. Too many of them are.

  2. Great song... and album. I only recently discovered reaction videos when I saw this guy react to some Beastie Boys songs. At first I thought it was fake, because he was reacting some very famous songs. But I enjoyed listening to his thoughts on the songs. Since then, I've seen a few others do reaction videos. My favorite is this guy who plays songs for his teenage daughter. I like it, because he seems like a really cool dad (who provides some interesting facts about the song)... and the daughter gives authentic feedback and isn't afraid to say "I think I've heard this before".

  3. I HATE reaction videos, in my mind they're just about the worst kind of videos on YT. I've only ever heard a clip of one of them on a radio program, but that was more than enough for me. I also hate that even though I've never watched one, YT is still constantly recommending them to me. They're always like "Hey, we know that you've never clicked on one, but still, we think you'll really like this video of some random dipsh*t making crazy overly exaggerated facial expressions while supposedly watching something for the first time". I wish there was a way to block those f*cking videos!

  4. The only reaction videos I like are the ones involving kids reacting to bands from my era. Those videos are a lot more tolerable when some precocious kid is enjoying Guns N Roses.

    Smashing Pumpkins is one of my favs too. Mayo was a good selection choice - it doesn't get the love other songs do.

  5. I honestly think Siamese Dream is potentially a top 20 album for me, from any time period or genre. I'm heavily biased towards '90s rock of course, but what a fantastic, fantastic album that was (and is).